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Disclaimer: Please note that the Crutch Store product(s) shown in the picture are not necessarily exactly like the product being sold but are shown as an example only.

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Award Prosthetics Folding Crutch Options

Option One: FASTR Crutches (Folding Anatomic Softgrip Travel & Recreation Crutches)



Do you need folding crutches when you're away from home, but don't want to strap your old wooden crutches to your suitcase?

Here is the answer: a lightweight aluminum forearm crutch which folds in 3 pieces, to a collapsed length of 53.5cm or 21.5 inches. The length between the hand grip and the cuff is 24.5cm or 9.5 inches. They are also handy for everyday use and at pools, gyms, cycling and other recreational activities. An internal (elastic) shock cord ensures you won't lose any of the three separate parts, and will prevent mix-ups in assembly.

Please note: The minimum folded length is 21.5”/53.5cm and if shorter dimensions are needed there will be a minimum customization charge of $80.00.

The length is adjustable from 100 to 123cm by pushing a button and sliding the lower tube in or out. With each crutch ordered, we also provide a strap in front of the elbow cuff using nylon straps and 2 snap fasteners.

The sleek design of the FASTR Crutch makes it a stylish and easy to carry item. The upgraded anatomic soft rubber grips have replaced the hard round (ergonomic) grips with neoprene sleeves.The FASTR Crutch shown in the picture is equipped with the Standard Kowsky Crutch Tips, but most of our clients upgrade their crutch tips to one of our more popular styles, such as Tornado Crutch Tips, or Esenium, Xavi-Tac Mountain Crutch Tips.

$300.00 per pair + Shipping and Handling

Tube Color Options
Plastic Color Options

Option Two: Ossenberg Carbon Folding Crutches

Ossenberg Folding Crutch Ossenberg Folding Crutch

The tips shown in the pictures are not the standard tips that come with the crutches. They are an upgraded tip option shown only as an example.

Ossenberg Carbon Folding Crutches w/Anatomic Soft Handgrips

A high quality folding travel crutch made of carbon fibre. Internal shock cord for easy break-down and assembly of the tubes. The Plastic parts are reinforced with fiberglass. The anatomic soft grips are comprised of an antimicrobial material to inhibit bacteria and kills micro-organisms.

  • Folded length is 57cm
  • 10 Height adjustments available by push-button.
  • Cuff & Grip are high quality material reinforced with fiberglass
  • Anatomic Soft rubber handgrips - specifically designated for left & right hands
  • Safety Reflectors front and back
  • Longer overlap of tubes for better stability
  • Suitable for full time use not just for ‘travel’
Technical Data:
  • Grip to Ground (Y) Measurement = minimum 82cm - maximum 94cm
  • Cuff to Grip (X) Measurement = 23cm fixed
    Cuff Width = 9.5cm
  • Weight rated to 135kgs (Approx 295lbs)
  • Weight per crutch = 550 Grams

$350.00 per pair + Shipping and Handling



Option 3: O.P.O. Forearm Folding Crutches


Folding Crutches for travelling with Double Adjustments Clips

  • Cuff Adjustable and Height Adjustable with 2-pin Clip.
  • Anatomical Soft Rubber Interchangeable Handgrips that can be ordered for spare or replacement.
  • Articulated Closed Cuff.
  • Light Alloy Crutch.
  • Folds down into 2 parts, 54cms. or 21 inches long.
  • Colour choice – BLUE or GRAY
  • Max. User Weight = 150 Kg..

$280.00 per pair + Shipping and Handling

Color Option