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Amputee Skin Care Products

Amputee Skin Care Products

Edap Cream for Amputeee Skin Care

This lotion is a “dermal bio-stimulant”, this means that it promote sell growth to increase healing. You should use this product on areas of skin breakdown, in-growth hairs, etc., after they occur. Some clients also use it nightly after removing the liner and cleaning the limb to moisturize and promote healthy skin.

This product can be used in conjunction with your OpSite: simply place a dad of EDAP on the wound area and then put the OpSite over top (be sure not to rub the EDAP in as it will make the surrounding skin to “greasy” and the OpSite will not stick.) The EDAP that is under the OpSite will be slowly absorbed by the skin, allowing the area to heal and promoting growth of new healthy skin cells.

amputee skin cream

Edap Cream - 2 oz Jar


$ 18.50 + Shipping and Handling


amputee skin cream

Edap Cream - 4 oz Jar

$ 25.00 + Shipping and Handling


Healthy Limb Amputee Skin Cream

HEALTHYLIMB is a natural skin protectant and treatment for a variety of skin conditions typically found in prosthetics and orthotics users.
Use HEALTHYLIMB as a daily protectant against skin breakdown, pressure sores, heat rash, abrasions, chaffing, dryness, folliculitis, dermatitis, ulcers, eczema, psoriasis, and to keep the limbs hydrated.

amputee skin cream

$ 26.00 + Shipping and Handling