About our Crutch Store

Children's CrutchesCrutches are not just an extra appendage anymore. New ergonomic and anatomical designs, lightweight materials, colors, crutch tips and grips, and more have made crutches more user friendly, functional and convenient.

We currently feature Folding Forearm Crutches, Rebotec Travel Crutches, Kowsky Crutches, Children's Crutches, and a line of Amputee Skin Care and Sweat Control Products.

Award Prosthetics Guiding Principles

To achieve our objectives, the staff at Award Prosthetics, Inc. believes in certain 'Guiding Principles':

  • to educate and inform our clients of their choices, based on their needs
  • to listen to our clients and put their objectives at the top of the list, thereby becoming mutual goals
  • to encourage our clients to take an active part in their progress
  • to provide an opportunity to communicate with other amputees, when possible and appropriate
  • to use experience combined with technology to create positive solutions for our clients
  • The people we see are ‘clients’. ‘Patients’ belong to the medical world. (From the perspective of the amputee, being referred to as a client is ‘empowering’! We like that definition!).