About our Crutch Store

Children's CrutchesCrutches are not just an extra appendage anymore. New ergonomic and anatomical designs, lightweight materials, colors, crutch tips and grips, and more have made crutches more user friendly, functional and convenient.

We currently feature Folding Forearm Crutches, Rebotec Travel Crutches, Kowsky Crutches, Children's Crutches, and a line of Amputee Skin Care and Sweat Control Products.

Award Prosthetics Mission Statement

Products and techniques utilized at Award Prosthetics are a balanced combination of tried & true practices mixed with state of the art technology and materials along with a great deal of common sense.

What may be the right solution or components for one client may not necessarily be right for another - even if they have the same type of amputation.

Our Mission: To Provide total amputee care to all of our clients.

Our Vision: To bring each client to a mutually agreeable, optimum level of functionality.

Our motto: Total Amputee Care!

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